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Modernize your data foundation

What is SAP HANA Cloud?

SAP HANA Cloud is a single database as a service (DBaaS) foundation for modern applications and analytics across all enterprise data.
Our cloud-based data foundation modernizes how business decisions are made with live data
Build data solutions with cloud-native scalability, speed, and performance. With the SAP HANA Cloud database, you can gain trusted, business-ready information from a single solution while enabling security, privacy, and anonymization with proven enterprise reliability.
Power mission-critical applications and analytics with one solution
  • Deliver transactions and analytics simultaneously without data duplication
  • Build and run high-performance transactional applications and real-time analytics at petabyte scale
Seamlessly blend multi-model data to enhance business processes
  • Converge relational, graph, spatial, document store, and other capabilities
  • Develop smart applications with embedded machine learning and analyze sensitive data while protecting privacy
Provide trusted performance for all data needs
  • Process mission-critical data at proven in-memory speed
  • Manage data more efficiently with integrated multi-tier storage
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